BirdnClay fine shotguns are manufactured by special group of master craftsmen in Turkey. Although we manufacture firearms under several different brand names, only the finest quality firearms are marked with BirdnClay name. When you see BirdnClay name on a shotgun, which means, that specific firearm is meticulously designed, crafted and ready to serve you for generations to come. We do not sell a firearm that we cannot be proud of.


The models presented at our web site have been designed specifically for export. They are not sold anywhere in Turkey, make sure your gun is clearly marked with BirdnClay logo before you purchase, and not to mix with other similarly designed brands.

BirdnClay gun craftsmanship has been pioneered by two master gunsmiths who used to maintain and repair rifles while they were in Ottoman Turkish Army during World War I. After the war ended, they continued their profession, and started their first workshop around 1918. Shotgun and unrifled (smoothbore) barrel manufacture constituted the most popular industry shortly after the gunsmiths returned from the war, and many other gunsmiths started to work in their own workshops. The large majority of gunsmiths decided to establish a cooperative for better production and marketing later in 1950's. BirdnClay employs only the most qualified people among all these experienced craftsmen. These line of guns are the cream products of what is being manufactured in Turkey. BirdnClay is now taking a significant place among well respected shotgun and double-barreled gun manufacturers around the world.



We provide guns with highest quality material, workmanship, reasonable pricing, and affordability.


BirdnClay name is not limited to shotguns. We also manufacture many different industrial parts for different sectors such as medical industry (orthopedics, orthodontics, dentistry, prosthetic device-prostheses, implants), military (rifle and machine-gun parts, missile parts, bomb parts), automotive (cranks, manifolds, pumps, gears, injectors, rings, special bolt and nuts).


There are currently more than 100 separate workshops, more than 600 craftsmen, and about 1000 assistant workers associated with BirdnClay shotgun production. Approximately 65,000 shotguns are being manufactured each year, of which 15,000 are over-and-unders, 10,000 are side-by-sides, 30,000 are semi-automatic, and 25,000 are pump-action models.

From either the shotgun action or artistic value point of view, what makes BirdnClay Shotguns more valuable is the handwork performed by masters, especially on double-barreled models. Most of the work is carried out by hand with a mastery of more than ninety-years of gun-making experience and excellence.

We would like to honor any requests, coming either from a large scale firearms importer, an individual shooter, or a gun collector. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be glad to receive your inquiries at:

BirdnClay , Inc
Cumhuriyet Mah. Tepebasi Sok. No:22
Huglu-Beysehir-Konya TR-42710 TURKEY
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