Can you send me a retail price list?

Please visit our outlet store where retail prices are listed. You can customize double-barreled guns according to your specifications. These prices also include shipping costs from Turkey to any country in the world.


I am an importer, I need wholesale export prices for trade, can you send me a price list for your guns?

Please email us your request, along with your firearms import license, and we will email you a link showing where you can download the latest wholesale price catalog for importers in pdf format.


I purchased my shotgun in Turkey. Can I ask for warranty and service from a distributor in my country?

No. If you purchased your gun in another country, you need to contact the dealer who sold the gun to you in that country for parts and services. Your gun is considered to be a gray market item in other countries if not imported by authorized distributors. We do not supply warranty services for individual owners internationally. You can claim for warranty and ask for service in your area only if your gun entered your country through our authorized distributor whom you are requesting service. You may, however, find a distributor who will service your gun for a fee or courtesy.


I purchased my shotgun in another country. I need parts, what should I do?

You can contact our authorized distributors in your country to obtain parts and services. However, the distributor is not responsible to supply warranty for your gun since she is not the importer of that product. We can send parts to you through courier services; however, it is extremely expensive to send parts this way. We need to issue a proforma invoice for every part, and every part has to go through customs clearance from Turkish side. If you accept paying these fees, we can gladly send parts to anywhere in the world.


Where can I purchase one of your guns advertised at your web site in Turkey?

Our shotguns are not sold with BirdnClay brand name in Turkey. All products being shown here are only manufactured for export and upon international request. If you think that you purchased one of our shotguns in Turkey, you must be mistaken. Please let us know immediately so that we can take action against whoever sold that imitated firearm to you. All our products carry the BirdnClay brand name. If you do not find BirdnClay logo clearly marked on your shotgun, then that shotgun is not a BirdnClay firearm. BirdnClay shotguns are manufactured by our most experienced craftsmen to minimize problems being encountered by international clients. This is because of the fact that servicing the guns sold in domestic market is much easier than servicing exported guns. It is extremely expensive and sometimes exceeds the value of a gun to import it back to Turkey for service. We strongly suggest that you purchase your firearm in your country. Some technical features of the export models listed at our web site are also not the same as the standard models sold under different brand names in Turkey.


I am not a gun dealer or importer, can I still directly place an order from you?

Yes, you can place an order directly. Please visit our outlet store where retail prices are listed. These prices also include shipping costs from Turkey to any country in the world. You can customize double-barreled guns according to your personal taste and preference, we build your gun and ship it to you in 2-3 months. Just fill out our custom order form and submit it to us to receive a price quote from us.


Do you make guns with left-handed stock?

We manufacture left-handed shotguns along with any other custom options and special stock dimensions upon request.


Can I order a shotgun with extra barrels in different gauges (e.g. 12 ga with 20 ga extra barrels)?

Yes, you can custom order guns with extra barrel sets, or combo sets. Barrels can be in different gauges; for instance, we can build 16, 20, 28 gauge extra barrels for 12 gauge over and under or side by side shotguns.


Are your choke tubes compatible with any other brands?

We make our own choke tubes. Although we cannot authorize use of other brand parts, we have found that some Italian brands have the same threading, and many of our customers are using them with great success. You should test pattern any choke you use to check what type of pattern you get with your gun and ammunition.


Can I use steel shot through BirdnClay guns?

Yes, you can safely use high quality commercial steel (and other non-toxic) shots. The shotgun barrels are drilled from SAE4140 steel blocks, and inner side is hard chromium plated, and compatible with steel pellet shells. We do not recommend using steel shots with our Improved Modified (IM), or Full (F) standard chokes. You may get bad patterns, or it is possible to stretch and damage the choke tubes (as steel does not compress or shift/flow as well as lead). This is especially true with the largest steel shot, frequently used for geese. Steel stays very spherical and generally patterns much tighter than lead, so you can use one to two choke sizes more open and get patterns equivalent to lead. Improved Cylinder (IC) works very well for most ducks and geese. You can purchase special steel shot chokes made for tighter constrictions than IC.


What is the difference between auto-ejectors and extractors?

Auto-ejectors have a spring-loaded device which ejects empty shells about 10 feet in back of you when you open the gun. Extractors merely lift the shells up about 1/2" and you can very easily pluck them out with your fingers. Neither is necessarily better and it is purely a personal choice, but many find it easier not to chase/find/pickup empties and therefore select extractors.


Where is the barrel selector on your single selective trigger models?

The barrel selector on our O/U and SxS are on the safety - shift it left or right to choose which barrel fires first.


What is barrel porting?

Porting is where a series of specially designed small holes are electrically made in the barrels near the muzzle. The barrels are ported for two reasons, both related to recoil: 1) it reduces felt recoil by taking some of the expanding powder gas and "venting" it so it slows/reduces recoil. 2) it reduces "muzzle jump" (where your barrels may jump upward on the shot) so you can recover and get a second shot off quicker. Both issues can be significant factors in your particular shooting. The tradeoffs are that the muzzle blast noise is more noticeable to people standing beside you, and there is a bit of burned powder residue on the barrels and ports that must be cleaned periodically. There is still debate regarding porting, (some love it, some don't) and it comes down to personal preference.


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